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"The Cellar" (2017)





Slovak rep.,Russia,Czech Rep.

Language: anglický

Director: Igor Voloshin
DOP: Martin Žiaran
Producer: Lívia Filusová
Development of the project was supported by


The theme of the project comes from a worldwide problem of disappearance ofthe children, that in most cases ends tragically. The causes of disappearance are various. According to research, the parents of the children play a big part on these disappearances – disagreements, altercations, bad social background – all these arouse the child’s need to get away from home, escaping these negative surroundings and finding comfort in drugs, on the street or with someone, who “understands” them. Project “The Cellar” leads off from these observations and tries to point out the need of the´thoughts about the consequences, that can be caused by innocent party and intense atmosphere in the family

Igor Voloshin - AWARDS

Bedouin - 2012
- 7th InternaOonal Film FesOval “Eurasia”, Almaty, Kazakhstan -­‐ Best Female Performance-­‐ "Bedouin" 2011
- 24th Panorama of European Cinema FesOval, Greece, Athens -­‐ Audience Award-­‐ "Bedouin" 2011
- 5th FesOval of Russian films “Sputnik above the Poland”, Warsaw -­‐ Special Audience Award -­‐ "Bedouin" 2011
- 19th FesOval of Russian films in Honfleur, France -­‐ Best Film Director Special Jury Award -­‐ "Bedouin" 2012
- 28th Mons InternaOonal Love Film FesOval, Belgium -­‐ Best actress -­‐ "Bedouin" 2012
- 28th Mons InternaOonal Love Film FesOval, Belgium-­‐ Grand Jury Award for Film Director -­‐ "Bedouin" 2012
- 40th Belgrade InternaOonal Film FesOval, Serbia -­‐ Best film -­‐ "Bedouin" 2012
- 13th FesOval of European films, Lecce, Italy -­‐ Best actress -­‐ "Bedouin" 2012
- “Sniato”-­‐ 4th Professional Award for best producer’s debut, Moscow, Russia -­‐ Special SelecOon Commiƒee Award to Film Producers for Courage, Audacity and Belief in High Mission of Cinematography -­‐ "Bedouin".

Nirvana – 2008
- World Premiere Berlinale 2008 Forum
- Open Russian Film FesOval Kinotavr -­‐ 2008 — The Best Debut Award
- White Elephant — Film CriOcs’ Award for best art direcOon -­‐ 2008
- Grand Prix TEXAS IFF 2009
- Los Angeles AFI Film Fest Special MenOon Jury 2009
- Kinotavr —Best Picture Award 2009