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"The Cellar" (2017)



Development of the project was supported by

"The Cellar" (2017)

Co-production project of European dimension

"The Cellar" (2017)

Slovak rep.,Russia,Czech Rep.

Language: Slovak, Russian, English

Director:  Igor Voloshin
Script: Richard Pupala
Producer:  Lívia Filusová
DOP: Martin Žiaran


PIVNICA is a psychological drama in which the story of the marriage break down of the Labat family and the sudden death of Lenka's daughter, the author points to the screaming potential evil that is inside a person, regardless of the time one lives. The story is set in the countryside of Slovakia - it will be in the vicinity of Starej Turej, Bratislava, outdoor motifs will be filmed around Bratislava and Záhorí.


The cast

The main male character Jean Marc BARR

The main woman character Oľga Simonova (Russia)
International awards:
                   Prize for Best Female Actor Performance:
- 2011 Bedouin
- 2011 IFF Eurasia
- 2012, LECCE Italy
- 2012 ,Tunis IFF
- 2012 Monserat IFF

Milan Ondrík Slovakia
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