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Igric - award for truly human author's discours (2006)


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International Film Festival Prix Visionica Wroclaw 
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Members of the Zvolen
Literary Club
Slovak Republic
2005, 51 min., col., Beta
Language: Slovak
Subtitles: English

Director: Tina Diosi
Screenplay: Tina Diosi
Director of Photography: Ján Meliš
Music: Anton Popovič
Editor: Zuzana Cséplő
Producer: Lívia Filusová
Production Company: FURIA FILM, s.r.o., Slovenská televízia (Slovak Television)
Sale: Lívia Filusová (Furia Film)


How can a literary club have an impact on people's lives in a world that worships the fleeting idols of reality television shows? Perhaps by offering an alternative and a chance to communicate and create real values... Members of the Zvolen Literary Club talk about their attitude to literature and the changing times in which they live.