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The Graduates - Freedom Is Not For Free (2012)

Absolventi - Sloboda nie je zadarmo (2012)





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Filip Jurkovič
Pavol Kaniansky
Miroslav Mráz
Slovak Republic
2012, DCP, Blue Ray, DVD, 16:9, col., 74 min.
Language: Slovak
Subtitles: English

Director: Tomáš Krupa
Story and Screenplay: Tomáš Krupa, Pavol Palárik
Director of Photography: Ján Kász, Pavol Palárik, Ivo Miko, Martin Čech
Editor: Pavol Palárik
Producer: Lívia Filusová, Tomáš Krupa, Pavol Palárik
Production Company: FURIA FILM, s.r.o.
Coproducers: Family Film s.r.o, RTVS
Distribution: Magic Box Slovakia s.r.o.
Sale: Lívia Filusová (Furia Film)


The film was produced
with financial support of


A movie about the struggle of young people, fresh university graduates, who have to face reality and conform to the society and its system. They often have to accept the tough conditions which go against their own interests and wishes. Their ideals and dreams clash with the global financial crisis, they are uncertain in their interaction with the market rules, and they feel they are living in an unjust country. We are free, but to what extent are we able to manage our own destiny and fight for our own existence?