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Little Mad Robinson (2009)

Malý zúrivý Robinson (2009)


Anton Pi¾urný
Waldemar Švábenský
„ubomír Vojtek

Ivana Urbanová
Nataša Urbanová
Zuzana Urbanová
Kristína Urbanová

Maroš Bančej
Marián Brezáni
„ubomír Feldek
Oµga Hlaváčová
Ondrej Kalamár
Lucia Lapišáková
Ján Lehotský
Danuša Lišková
Ján Litvák
Andrej Matuška
Miro Urban
Miro ®birka
Slovak Republic
2009, 72 min., col., 16:9, DigiBeta
Language: Slovak
Subtitles: English

Director: Tina Diosi
Tina Diosi, Al¾beta Bohinská
Director of Photography:
Ján Meliš
Al¾beta Bohinská
Maroš Šlapeta
Sound: Marián Gregorovič, Jaroslav Hlísta
Producer: Lívia Filusová, Tina Diosi
Production Company: FURIA FILM, s.r.o., Slovenská televízia (Slovak Television)
Sale: Furia Film


DVD production and distribution
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The film is an unusual portrait of Slovak poet Jozef Urban who tragically died. Nevertheless, his short life was enough for his work to influence social and cultural spheres in Slovakia. First of all, however, he was a bohemian and a rebel able to see beyond his generation’s field of vision. He lived a life of an impalpable hothead floundering in loves, desires and passions. At the same time, as an author, his reasoning and views were precious and clear.

The film is narrated in an unusual road-movie form. It is both a trip of three friends of his to commemorate the deceased poet and a testimony of the times before the memorable November the 17 th 1989 when there had been “no lever taps, no mobile phones, no bird flu, no pig flu” as said one of the characters, a Slovak writer and poet, Ján Litvák: “And poetry was the unique universal language.”

The film offers you to see unique archive shots and previews which could not have been seen anywhere so far. Images and archives, as well as audio recordings, which are comprised in the film, had been hidden for quite a long time.