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Take It Jeasy! (2008)

Ježiš je normálny! (2008)


Slovak Republic
2008, HDV, col., 67 min.
Language: Slovak, Czech

Director: Tereza Nvotová
Screenplay: Tereza Nvotová
Director of Photography: David Cysař
Music: Tóno Popovič
Editor: Jakub Voves
Producer: Pepe Rafaj (cz)
Production Company: Jacket Bros. (cz), HBO Czech Republic (cz), FURIA FILM, s.r.o. (sk)
Sale: Bontonfilm, a. s.


The film was produced with financial support of Státní fond pro podporu a rozvoj české kinematografie and The Ministery of Culture of the Slovak Republic.


As a seven-year-old, director Tereza Nvotová loved Jesus, as she was raised by Christian teachers in the “School of Tomorrow.” Now in her twenties, she connected with the members of the Triumphal Center of Faith Church (an arm of the Word of Faith family of churches) to map out just what makes a person addicted to Jesus. The resulting documentary offers a candid look at how easy and also how hard a life filled with Jesus could be.